Dresses for Valentine's Day

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Most envelope dresses are models with a V-neckline and a delicately flared skirt. They are appropriate for women of all ages, regardless of their body shape or bust size. Envelope dresses are not only models with overlaps on the bust. This category comprises off the shoulder dresses, romantic cuts decorated with frills, modern models with various gatherings or overlap skirts. On our offer you can find midi, maxi and mini dresses. These trendy envelope models will be perfect for all ladies who love the classic look or want to go for something extravagant. Short envelope dresses made of unwonted fabrics in vivid colors are also an interesting choice. These are only some of the wrap models available in our product range!

Envelope dresses in many intriguing forms

Dresses with overlaps on the bust are very characteristic of this cut. Most elegant envelope dresses have gatherings or are tied in the waist so that the bodice looks exactly like an envelope and accentuates the figure. The classic envelope dress is an embodiment of elegance, simplicity and sex appeal. Many beautiful variations of the wrap cut are constantly created on the basis of this ever fashionable and popular model.

Trendy envelope dresses are perfect for weddings or other special events that will take place in 2020. Apart from looking phenomenal, they are comfortable and convenient to wear. Our outfits make women more self-confident and allow them to express their true nature. Among trendy envelope dresses available at LOU you can find stylish velour models, appealing off the shoulder cuts, dresses that are tied in the waist to fit the figure, versatile lace dresses or minimalistic and sexy basque models. This diversity can really surprise you!

Who should wear our chic envelope dresses?

Envelope dresses are perfect not only to ensure that you look elegant and feminine but also to conceal any body imperfections and expose your assets. This cut is ideal for all women and all body shapes. Overlaps and gatherings will make you feel comfortable and not too tight. Moreover, envelope dresses can be easily adjusted to changing body shapes. They can help you hide that your waist got a few centimeters wider. However, ladies with a protruding belly should go for something different. Envelope dresses with close-fitting skirts are ideal for all women who want to show off their perfect proportions. On the other hand, customers who don’t like tight models, should choose flared envelope dresses. Adjust the length of the dress to your preferences and decide whether you want to expose your long, slim legs. The fair sex feel and look great wearing this cut!

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