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Are you getting ready for a semi-formal meeting and you don't know what to wear? Gowns perfect for weddings and other galas or not-to-official casual dresses probably won’t be suitable in this case. However, don’t worry, we have the perfect solution! We design beautiful cocktail dresses, excellently suited for different types of semi-formal events. On our offer you will find a wide range of various versions - from classic knee-length dresses to maxi models. Check and see which one suits you best and perfectly reflects your character!

A cocktail dress - what is it?

Although the term “cocktail” seems commonly known, it turns out to be not so comprehensible for everyone. A cocktail dress is simply a semi-chic model which is perfectly suitable for family celebrations, holidays, going to a theatre, restaurant or on a date. We are well aware of the fact that even in such semi-formal situations you want to look your best, this is why Lou has created a collection of phenomenal cocktail dresses. You can pick from dozens of models in a variety of colors and in different styles - skin tight or flared. Although we opt for classic colors such as red, black or nude, we are also not afraid of fashionable animal prints or glitter!

Lou dresses perfect for every occasion!

Due to the characteristic cut, our elegant cocktail dresses are versatile, thus you can make use of them on many already mentioned occasions. You can enjoy the selection of matching accessories and choose something unusual. We love to surprise, that’s why in our designs we put great emphasis on sophisticated ornaments. On our offer you will find cocktail dresses complemented by frills, guipure or lace. Choose the one that will make you feel feminine!
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