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Lougirls love fun but they want to look gorgeous at the same time. For this reason, especially for women like you, we have decided to prepare a collection of party dresses which thanks to being so comfortable allow you to have great time on the dance floor. Moreover, you will look like a real celebrity. Check out our dresses for parties!

A perfect party dress according to Lou

The best dress for a party night is the one that is comfortable and makes you look like a million dollars. Therefore, our beautiful dresses available in this category are maximally tight-length and don’t restrict your movements in dance. We are also perfectly aware of the fact that even the finest project will not be useful if it doesn’t fit well. That's why we choose only tailored cuts, often with straps in a form of an unnoticeable rubber. Zippers? Only invisible ones. In the most challenging corset cuts we use special cups that will make you feel at ease.

How do we design our dresses for parties?

When it comes to colors and Saturday night fever we focus on classics such as black, red or shades of beige and nude. And… This is where our classic approach to designing party and going out dresses comes to an end because we simply go nuts when various styles and cuts are considered. In this category you will come across amazing dresses with carmen neckline, V-necks or the ones finished with golf or chokers. Our dresses for parties with tassels or wide sleeves with slits that emphasize your every move. How else do we ornament our party dresses? We add chain details, create unique ornaments from pleats arranged in the braid pattern, full the fabrics or complement the dresses with accessories such as belts. If you are looking for an outfit for a more important occasion, check out our evening gowns.
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