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Looking for an ever fashionable fabric? Go for denim. This spring especially for you we have prepared a unique collection of jeans dresses perfectly suitable both on a daily basis and on various special occasions such as house parties, dates or going out with friends. Experience the uniqueness of our models thanks to which you will feel special in each of the denim dresses available on the offer! However, if you are looking for something smarter, check out the cocktail dresses and casual dresses by Lou.

Jeans dresses: a basic element of your wardrobe!

Every woman should possess at least one pair of jeans in her wardrobe and the same rule applies to denim dresses! But you don’t need to worry if you are not a big fan of casual style - dresses by Lou take advantage of all fashionable elements such as belts accentuating the waist, gatherings, frills or Spanish necklines. On our offer you can find both white and the classic light jeans models. Choose matching accessories and experience how feminine you can feel in a denim dress that used to be associated mostly with the tomboy style. Break the stereotypes and amaze everyone in a unique denim dress by Lou!

The denim dresses to must have in the ladies' wardrobe!

Although it may turn out to be surprising for you, our denim style dresses are useful not only when it comes to commuting to school or work. They are perfect for a date or for a day out with your friends. Jeans models offered by Lou are a great alternative to the classic cocktail dresses. Regardless whether you opt for a princess cut or a shirtwaister, the denim version of a dress will certainly refresh your wardrobe. Choose the model that fits you best and become one of the Lougirls!